Is the MMO Blogosphere still alive?

Back in the days when I was still blogging about MMORPGs and had thousands of visitors per day, I would get regularly pestered by various sites who made their living just aggregating content from blogs and other sites. Two days ago one of those sites contacted me again, telling me that I had been awarded a (virtual) medal as one of the Top 75 MMO Blogs on the web. Given how I haven’t blogged about MMOs for a long time, that made me wonder about the state of the MMO Blogosphere. If my dead blog is one of the top 75, then how does the rest look?

I surfed to a selection of those “top 75” MMO blogs, as well as other links I knew, and found they more or less all fell into two categories: Either they were dead, or they had changed to report on all sorts of multiplayer games, up to and including Pokemon Go. I didn’t see a single site still exclusively discussing the type of MMORPG that I would recognize under that term. Even right now as I check has the latest article being about Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, which really doesn’t fall into the definition of MMORPG for me.

Now obviously there are still millions of people playing MMORPGs. But blogging about them doesn’t appear to be a thing any more. Unlike other trends we know the exact date where MMO blogging peaked: The decline started on September 18, 2008, the day WAR was released, as the expectation had swelled the ranks of the MMO bloggers, and the reality let the air out of that bubble rather quickly. But as far as I can see that decline has continued over the last decade, powered both by the general decline of blogging as a form of expression on the internet in favor of tweeting, and by the decline of MMORPGs as a form of gaming in favor of other multiplayer games.

Am I wrong? Have I just overlooked a thriving MMO Blogosphere somewhere on the internet with thousands of daily readers? Or is this all a thing of a past that won’t come back?